Agrosheaf is a company born from the need to offer our global clients an European-wide service for the registration of phytosanitary products and biostimulants.

We offer our research and development services, as well as consulting on regulatory matters for biostimulant and plant protection products for their registration and placing on the market.

Our team

We have a multidisciplinary team: agronomists, biologists, environmental technicians, and regulatory personnel, who make it possible for companies that want to register a product for agricultural use to do so in the shortest possible time and with every guarantee of a job well done. Our study directors ensure the coordination of your projects from the drafting of the protocols to the delivery of the final report.

Study directors



Environmental technicians

Regulatory personnel

GEP/ GLP trials

Performance of GEP trials, as well as GLP studies throughout the European territory for preparation of files for the registration of phytosanitary products.

Plant protection products and biostimulants regulatory services

Carrying out the necessary trials as well as preparing the registration dossier at European level.

We are specialists in complete and global management

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Consultancy with experience in registering all types of products (plant protection products, fertilizers, biostimulants).


Complete preparation of registration dossier.


Personalized support. We guide the client according to their needs.


Global service in the European territory, officially accredited in the European Union.


Global service in GLP, GEP trials with PPPs, biostimulants, fertilizers and microorganisms.


In-depth knowledge of the crops in each territory.


We have both our own farms and a wide network of collaborators with commercial farms.


Great experience and flexibility. Quick responses and continuous communication with the sponsor.