GEP Trials

Our certifications in efficacy trials demonstrate our long experience.

We have a technical team specialized in all the crops grown in Europe, both in the north and in the Mediterranean area. Experts in the different agricultural fields, in extensive and intensive crops, in the open field or in greenhouses.


We guide the promoter by drafting the protocols according to their needs.

  • We carry out phytosanitary efficacy trials (nematicides, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, PGRs…)
  • We are specialists in efficacy trials with biostimulants and fertilizers.
  • Seed treatment trials.
  • Side-effects trials on beneficials organisms.
  • Efficacy trials of biological products and microorganisms.
  • Seed testing.
  • Demonstrative trials.

Data processing in ARM (Agricultural Research Management)

  • Our customer will have constant information on the development of their studies and the results obtained with reports in ARM, as well as in Excel.

Preparation of the final report.

  • The final report is made in accordance with the results obtained and the regulations in force in the European Union in order to be valid for its inclusion in the registration dossier.

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